We grow through connection.

Hello aspiring brilliant one:

I work with creative people who can really benefit from connection-based coaching.  One of my world views is that there is a sacred interconnection within Creation, pakikipagkapwa in Filipino, and that we all touch each other and help each other flourish and expand.

I believe that developing a rich and powerful connection with those I coach fosters a synergistic flow of creative energy. 

Creativity represents our ability to think about and respond to things in a new way in the present moment. When connection is in place, synergy emerges and creativity happens spontaneously and naturally…

Our connection with self, others and circumstances has a generative nature that is the source of all new things. It is how we grow…

Connecting to self provides a sense of confidence and reassurance. Connecting with others generates great growth potential. Connecting to circumstances elevates awareness of everything around us.

All connection feeds creativity…

The more connection we experience with self, others and circumstances the more we feel freedom to deeply and authentically express our true selves. The “authentic expression of self” means acting without self-editing and being genuinely available.

(Based on the coaching guiding principle of connection: People grow from connection. Connection is the wellspring of creativity.)

As the artist of the Babaylan Mandala, I created the mandala to represent many things, including sayaw ng pakikipagkapwa or dance of sacred interconnection. You can see this dance in the circle of symbols closest to the central tree of life.

Babaylan Mandala by BagongPinay, Omehra Sigahne

Pakikipagkapwa is a Filipino word and comes from the root word kapwa meaning fellow beings” or “self in others”.

The worldview and practice of pakikipagkapwa and sacred interconnection has profoundly affected my life and has become of my creativity practice.Being deeply connected creates synchronicity, clarity and understanding.

I share my practice of being deeply connected and open to what the Universe has to offer, in my style coaching.

At the center is the Tree of Life that represents YOU within the cosmos. The first circle outside of the Tree is the dance of sacred interconnection (sayaw ng pakikipagkapwa). The whole mandala itself represents how you are connected to all creation (people, animal/plant/mineral kingdoms, elements of water/earth/fire/air/light), on all levels, feminine/masculine, beyond time and space, between dimensions and the veils of seen/unseen, physical/non-physical, in a sacred and divine way, at the root of our true essence, at the Source where we all come from.

I use this mandala as a contemplative tool whose symbolism and metaphors convey diwa (ideas, concepts, essence, spirit) visually to your body, mind and soul.

I look forward to sharing those metaphors and meanings with you and most especially coaching you in your journeys through life’s myriad aspects.