omehra_sigahne_lifelightlove_coachHello, I’m Omehra Sigahne and I’m a life coach who works with you on:

  • life purpose
  • life balance
  • getting unstuck, moving forward
  • personal foundation & growth
  • prioritizing time & energy
  • being solutions-oriented
  • self expression & communication
  • relationships
  • decision making
  • stress management
  • what it means to shine & how
  • lightworker tools and resources
  • spirituality, intuition, & soul language

I love working with passionate, creative people who are keenly intuitive and intelligent,
who see, hear and experience the world in unusual ways, who are seeking gnosis,
higher purpose and ways to serve others.

  • Are you ready to be brilliant and shine?
  • Well, if you’re willing to work on it then read on…
  • Are you creative, smart, passionate?
  • Are you ready to let go of struggle and feelings of unworthiness?
  • Are you ready to claim your share of success and abundance with ease?
  • Do you feel that you were born for a reason?
  • Are you ready to explore and embrace what your life purpose is?
  • Do you need clarity, perspective & accountability?
  • Do you want better skills in decision-making, strategizing & communication?
  • Are you ready to balance the practical of life with a deep spirituality?
  • Do you want to shine and help others shine?

As your coach, together you and I will work on your What, How and Who, and I’ll give you support, acknowledgement, clarity, perspective, accountability & practical feedback so you can effectively tackle life’s challenges and develop clarity in various aspects of your life.

I’ll work with you to enhance your strengths, build on your foundation, pursue your vision and achieve the personal growth you seek. I’ll be sincere, compassionate, truthful and direct.

Together we’ll work on enhancing your light, clarity and understanding. We’ll explore and use various tools and resources to enlighten your vision, sort out your thoughts, clear up your mind and strengthen your purposefulness and work in this world.

Your coaching experience will be personalized with both established coaching techniques & worksheets and also meditations and affirmations right for you.

You and I shall work together through your preference of phone calls, video chats and/or messaging.

Your coaching experience will include soul-based exploration, activating vision through strategizing.

Omehra Sigahne LifeCoach #lifelightloveAbout me:

Through my work and advocacy, I’ve worked with hundreds of people: teachers, creatives, professionals, academe, healers, intellectuals, people of color, youth, social entrepreneurs, virtual workers, leaders, women’s groups and indigenous organizers.

People close to me know me for my calm, humor, playfulness, spirituality, light, and my love of helping others transform their lives.

I live the “Keep Austin weird” slogan, believing I can help the world be a better place.

I’m a Filipina-American, living between Austin TX & the Philippines, & I love working with people in cross-cultural situations. So, if you’re in a foreign land & settings, I can help you be centered, solid & strong in your cultural, ethnic & spiritual self, in various settings of work, relationships & family.

I have 3 son & am married to a New Yorker who dreams of retiring & volunteering to help underprivileged kids in the Philippines.

As an organizer I’ve been known as Perla Daly and as an artist & publisher for 18 years, manytimes I am kAdd Sectionnown by the pseudonym of BagongPinay (click the name to read my soul and cultural identity blog).

Today, my spiritual name is Omehra Sigahne, the translation being a message to me: “greatly inspired being who enjoys having a positive light, turn on the lights of the world.”

  • Member of International Coach Federation
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0, EQ360) Coach
  • “The Desire Map” workshop facilitator