Yipee! You found me at LifeLightLove.com!

So this is it. It’s your time to be brilliant and shine!

“But how?” you’ve been wondering.


omehra sigahne, light coach at lifelightlove.com


I coach keenly intuitive, intelligent creative people who are looking to remove blocks to their creativity, to come alive more fully and be brilliant.

  • Do you see, hear and experience the world differently?
  • Are you creative and possess a bit of weirdness and craziness that you could channel with more meaning and purpose
  • Are you ready to explore the reason for being born the way you are in the world?
  • Do you need clarity, perspective & accountability?
    Are you ready to balance the practical of life with a deep spirituality?
  • Do you want to shine and help others shine?
  • Do you feel that your inner wisdom and light are ready to come out?

I am a Creativity & Life coach. Call me Omehra Sigahne.

Use the scheduler to get on a free 15-minute call to introduce yourself and to share with me what your looking for in a coach.


Here’s some thought on ways to shine.

It’s so simple really. Read on…